Friday, May 27, 2011

State of the Blog: May

A somewhat productive month. Not so many story chapters done, but I got some background info on Ivthia and House Dythanus done (even with Blogger eating the Ivthia post for a short time). And at least Chapter 8 of Welcome To My Nightmare is finished and in the can.

I estimate there's about three more chapters are left in The Third Night. Possibly four, so I'm breaking the rule I had about each night being 9 chapters long. I already broke that long ago, though...Le Cirque d'Aberrations grew in the telling.

Since I want to get more out of this blog, I'm going to start sharing some other behind the scenes info on the writing process. Some of this will be world-building stuff...this world is a lot bigger than just The Tale of The Exile, thanks to the World of Aldora project that spawned this story in the first place. Sadly, Aldora itself is defunct, though there are plans to publish the Encyclopedia and a selection of stories from the old site, rescued by one of our former members. And, of course, some of us still keep in touch and brainstorm world's just a lot harder to keep track of these days. I'm going to need to launch an Aldora wiki with the information I have, but that project is a long ways off.

For now, I'm just going to noodle on with The Tale of The Exile. Gaven's story is going to grow in the telling. Enjoy it with me.

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