Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The World of Aldora

The tale of Gaven Morren began as a dream of a world-building project called Aldora. The idea was of a shared world, using the Creative Commons, to give authors tools and weave a tapestry of ideas together, building on the ideas of others.

Miir was my contribution to this project. I wrote pages and pages of information on this city here, and used a few things from other authors. Other writers, in turn, took some of my ideas and fleshed them out in interesting and different ways. I plan on posting may of the Miir-specific background I posted there on this blog, but I feel I should acknowledge the project that helped me get this far in the first place.

Feel free to visit the AldoraWorld site and browse around. There is a LOT of information there, more than I could possibly fit into this story. And hey, if you feel like joining, it would be great to see the porject picking up steam again.

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