Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Tale of The Exile Chapter List

In which Gaven Morren, a luckless thief, is sentenced to survive seven nights on the streets of the cursed and haunted city of Miir.

The First Night: Into The Shadows

In which the thief Gaven Morren is sentenced to Exile, and discovers the perils of Miir by night.

Part 1: The Sentence
Part 2: The Man in the Empty Room
Part 3: Miir By Night
Part 4: Lost
Part 5: Jolly Red Caps
Part 6: Jessamine
Part 7: The Shadows of Miir
Part 8: Over The Pen Wall
Part 9: Dawn

The Second Night: Through The Belly of Miir

In which Gaven Morren attempts egress through the sewers of Miir, with the help of another.

Part 1: Swallowed Down
Part 2: Another Version of The Truth
Part 3: Fortunes
Part 4: Saints and Jokers
Part 5: There's No Place Like Home
Part 6: Vermin
Part 7: The Nest
Part 8: You Make Your Own Hell
Part 9: Pain and Penance

 The Third Night: Le Cirque d'Aberrations

In which Gaven is captured by the nobility of Miir, and shown just how noble they really are.

Part 1: Purple Haze
Part 2: Ziggy Stardust
Part 3: Play Me Backwards
Part 4: Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite
Part 5: Helter Skelter
Part 6: How To Make A Monster
Part 7: Blue Jay Way
Part 8: Gallows Pole

 The Third Night: Welcome To My Nightmare

In which Gaven Morren faces shadows both external and internal.

Part 1: White Rabbit
Part 2: Break On Through
Part 3: Smoke On The Water
Part 4: One
Part 5: Happiness is a Warm Gun
Part 6: Die, Die My Darling
Part 7: Revolution 9
Part 8: One Step Closer (NEW!)

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  1. You have some good writing going on here! Keep it up and best of luck with your career at it. You're imagination is going places!

  2. Well, thank you very much! I appreciate the complement.

  3. Well done so far, Stray. Mindscrew stories are hard to juggle. Unreliable narrators and consistent inconsistency and inconsistent consistency are difficult to deal with, but you're doing a great job. Looking forward to the next update!

  4. Stray, I love what you've done here. It's gripping, suspenseful, and wonderfully fucked up. However, you appear to have stopped, and left us at a cliffhanger. Far be it from me to force a man to creative endeavor, when his Muse is leading him down a different garden path, but despite that, i must say this: you can't just leave me like this man! i gotta know what's gonna happen! i need my fix... *whimpers*

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, but I don't quite know how he gets out of this myself. I'm noodling along without a net on this story. Still, the fact that people read an want to know what happens next is great incentive for me to keep going.