Sunday, February 19, 2012

February update

A sudden upsurge in page views this month. Neat!

This month has been dominated by work and by social activities for me. I've gotten some work done on The Bradshaw Story, but not quite as much as I'd like. Today has been a decompression day.

I find myself drawn back in to M:TG culture. I spent most of last week working on a deck for Friday night magic at the local gaming store (I wound up at 11th place...squarely middle of the pack, as usual). The deck inspired a short story, so once I've polished it up I'll post it here. Palette-cleansing things like this help keep my writing practices up.

I've also been thinking a lot on story arcs and outlines, ever since I came across the Seven-Point System. I think I need to do some of that with "The Tale of The Exile" to get me excited about that project again. I had a commenter voice up that I'd left the story on a cliffhanger...time to resolve that and dip Gaven even deeper into trouble!

The trouble with cliffhangers is that sometimes you don't quite know how to write your way out of them in a way that doesn't seem forced. It doesn't help that I want to to a top-to-bottom rewrite of the whole Third night (both halves) to make them work together better. Still, I actually have half of the next scene written in rough...I'll dig it up and polish it off, see if it still sings.

Lots of things percolating now.