Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cast of Characters

Gaven Morren - Our hero. Gaven is a thief from the far-away city of Calisapas, who made the mistake of getting caught in a crime in Miir and then made the worse mistake of accepting the punishment of Exile to The Shadows.

Jessamine Weiss/The Other - A teenage girl possessed by a dangerous spirit tying to escape Miir. She and Gaven team up and try to escape together. Naros has a mysterious interest in her.

Eric Weiss - One of the city guards. Promises to help Gaven escape Miir, as he feels Exile is a punishment that shouldn't be inflicted on anyone. Is also running from his own past.

Lord Jereth Dythanus - One of Miir's nobles. Captured Gaven after he tried to escape Miir through the sewers. Has plans of some sort for Gaven, which the thief isn't keen on learning about. Poisoned Gaven with a hallucinogen to convince him to remain in his custody for a night.

Aelia Dythanus - A nurse of the Physician's Guild of Miir, who acts as Gaven's guide after being taken hostage by the thief during a bout of drug-fueled paranoia.

The Shadows - Legendary monsters of Miir, shrouded in myth. No one can agree if they are ghosts, demons, manifestations of the evil in men's hearts, or figments of people's imaginations. They are the primary antagonists of the story.

Naros Miir - One of The Shadows. Manifests as a pale man with dark hair and eyes hidden in shadow, clad in noble finery and smelling of rose perfume. Has an interest in Gaven, and has offered him several deals to reduce the horrors the thief will face during his sentence in exchange for questionable acts; thus far, Gaven has refused his temptations.

Despair - One of The Shadows. Has no physical form; instead, Despair manifests as a free-roaming patch of darkness that "speaks." Typically attempts to break its victim's will before it strikes.

The Hangman - One of The Shadows. Manifests as a silent, muscular man wearing an executioner's mask with no eyeholes and carrying a rope tied in a noose. May be a manifestation of Miirian justice.

The Exile - One of The Shadows. Is the manifestation of Exile, and, as such, has a vested interest in keeping Gaven alive, though his ability to interfere is limited by whatever rules govern The Shadows.

The Jester - A Caliban, a person twisted and deformed by magic. The ringmaster of Le Cirque d'Aberrations, a twisted circus where troublemakers are tortured for the pleasure of Miir's nobility. It is said he likes to humble the proud.

Le Cirque d'Aberrations - a troupe of performers composed of Caliban, people twisted and deformed by magic. The main attraction of their shows are troublemakers tortured for the pleasure of Miir's nobility.

The Bullyboys - A band of thugs in the employ of Jereth Dythanus.

Gotz Rammstien -  Leader of Jereth Dythanus' squad of bullyboys, bulky and strong. Holds a personal grudge against Gaven after the thief kills one of his friends.

Cobb - A bullyboy in Jereth Dythanus's employ.

The Redcaps - Murderous goblins that hunt the streets of Miir at night. Gaven has several unpleasant run-ins with them.

Tommy - Treacherous Redcap guide who leads Gaven and Eric into peril.

Miir - The City of Shadows, a hub of trade between Demurra and Ivthia. The setting of the story. Some people say the city is haunted by dark spirits known as The Shadows. Some say the city itself is alive.


  1. It's great to see activity here!!

  2. Wish I could be say that now. I recently found this and was wondering if it's going to get updated again.

  3. Well, that's an interesting question. I do want to continue working on this story, but at this moment I am suffering from a block and working on a different project in order to get around it.

  4. I just read through this whole thing in two sittings, and so far I love it! Especially the different ideas about the nature of the Shadows...
    Good luck with this and your other project! Hope to see more sometime!