Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monthly Update -- Writing in cycles

My new job has been pulling a lot of my time away from writing, so not much progress has been made. I'm doing a bit of writing, but it's with a different setting and characters. The pendulum will swing back to The Tale of The Exile, but for right now it's on hiatus as my creative energy is pulled in a different direction.

I notice that my creative energy seems to do this every year. In the spring and fall I get locked on one idea (whether it be in gaming, writing, or what have you) but as it gets into summer I feel the need to start doing other things creatively. That seems how I work as a creative person.

But it's frustrating to get pulled like that. I'll have a project steaming along, then find myself stuck or find my attention waning and jump ship to something else for a few months.  This leaves a lot of literary debris in my path, and I don't like being that way. I can't seem to quite nail anything before the cycle flips. Gar.

Still, it's not something I can change about myself, so I need to learn how best to harness things. Harness the energy when it's there, work around the blah feeling when the energy ebbs.

Having a near full-time job doesn't help with the process. If I were making money of my writing talent, then it might be a little different, but at this point I'm not and I just have to live with it. I've heard, however, that you can't become a professional anything just doing it part-time, and writing is no exception. So it's a struggle of picking up the keyboard and typing something, even if it's just an email to a friend, to get some writing done.


  1. Have you posted your new work online?

  2. The new stuff isn't, no. However, now that you've suggested it, I don't think it would hurt to post it up here. I'll clean it up a little...rough draft is rough. Expect new posts either today or tomorrow with the current project.