Thursday, April 21, 2011


Welcome to the new site design!

I've had a sudden rush of creative energy, so I'm dusting things off and going back in and performing some surgery on the site. Expect changes.

So far, I've got two new chapters of The Third night: Welcome To My Nightmare up, with a third in the works. Yay for new writing!

Along with that, I'm taking a critical eye to the older chapters. I've gone through the first two nights and worked to de-twitterize them. I will probably do much more revision on them, but the part of the story that's getting the most love is the first half of The Third Night, Le Cirque d'Abberations.

I've been heavily revising this section for months, and soon I'm going to post those changes, removing the old versions in the process. I think the new stuff is cleaner, more interesting, and shows off the hallucination bits much better than the previous draft, but I'll let readers (all 6 of you) judge for yourselves when I post them up. I'll give them all new timestamps when they're done and ready for viewing.

I'm seizing this creative burst for as long as I can maintain it. I've been creatively barren for far too long.

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