Friday, August 21, 2009

The Elisdee Lily

The Lilium Elisdee, also known colloquially as dreamlily, is a bright orange and purple flower often cultivated by the elves of Elisar, though its use has spread throughout Demurra, particularly in Heath and Arden. Dreamlily bulbs are edible, but contain a hallucinogenic chemical that causes delirium in humans and mild euphoria in elves. This has lead to its cultivation as a narcotic. L. elisdee extract is also useful as an antiseptic, fighting off bacterial infection and putrefaction, which means that it remains marginally legal, but it is a controversial herb no matter where it crops up.

Use of Elisdee has given rise to a stereotype in Horeti of Dream Doctors, physicians who lure the sick into addiction via unscrupulous use of dreamlily as part of their treatments, promising them the visions that dreamlily produces on a regular basis in return for ever-increasing payments. About a century ago, in an effort to crack down on these unsavory characters, the government of Horeti outlawed the practice and cracked down on a powerful family of Dream Doctors, who fled Elisar for Demurra and eventually settled in Miir, forming House Dythanus.

Not every human exposed to dreamlily delirium enjoys the experience. Sometimes the hallucinations produced take the form of horrific and unsettling images, especially if the person is under stress during their intoxication. Dreamlily visions have the sort of random qualities that are typical of dreams, especially in higher doses, and these qualities may prove confusing and alarming to those who aren't used to the experience. Regular users try to minimize these effects, usually through taking the drug only in pleasant surroundings and not exerting themselves. A user not in thse srots of controlled conditions become dangerous to themselves and others, as they may attempt to act on the visions they experience.

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