Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Rising Phoenix--An Eberron Idea

So, ever since I got the Eberron Player's Guide for my birthday (Thank you again, Lari and Rod), I've been getting the itch to dust off an old campaign idea, one I've had pretty much since I got the Eberron book years ago during my 3.5 days.

The idea was that the players would be the crew of a privateer airship, sailing around Khorviare doing jobs for shady people.

The problem is that I don't have an overarching storyline--just a bunch of random ideas and a lot of sourcebooks. I've never really been good at the "travel to new locations" style of gaming. I prefer to have a central "city of adventure" where most of the plots happen, like most of the TV shows I watch. I prefer to create a stable of NPCs and use them to fuel the various plotlines. I like recurring characters.

But it's just so tempting an idea. I'd love to run it. But, as always, it would conflict with the current game I'm getting back to, the one that we as a group have the most invested in.


Perhaps someday.

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